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Just For Fun

Not really news, probably lols, but maybe not.

Here are your "Papiss Cisse in a Wonga Shirt" Pics

Papiss Cisse finally appeared in public wearing a Wonga shirt, so it's only right that we have a little fun.

As the transfers turn

We're at that neat part of transfer negotiations where one club is saying that the other can't agree personal terms while the other is saying transfer fee is the sticking point. Cute.

Coming Home Podcastle Episode 12.1 Is Here

Now that I've got myself settled across the country from where we last met, we've put together a podcast. It will be in your ears as soon as my internet allows it to be so.

Come play with us

Fantasy sports are fun, not at all time consuming and raise your perceived social status within the community of your peers. It's science.

Coming Home Podcastle Episode 7 is here!

We spend this week decompressing a little bit more following the awful season that was. Discussions include reshaping the squad moving forward and identifying potential transfer targets - including one very interesting potential recruit from the US

The Magic Book of Manchester City Tactics

Much like The Fonz's character in The Waterboy, Alan Pardew has a magic book of tactics.

Villa Match Thread Roll Call

An entirely self-serving post. Catch our next match thread on 2-2.

A modest proposal from a minor genius

Dear West Ham, we are both admirers of things that each other have. Let's just swap them and everyone will be happy.


Got any questions for Demba Ba that haven't been covered yet?

You're not a wee club, you just don't win anything

Sometimes, it's best to just let things go away, he said as he finished a blog post reacting to SAF bringing the wee club thing back up a week later.

It's the nature of the beast

Dee Snyder is going to help us react to a run of 10 losses in 13 matches. Maybe. I'm pretty sure that we all are suffering appropriately anyway.

A Happy New Year present for you.

I know it's not customary to give New Year presents, but I'm going to start today. You can join in if you want.

Fun Game Within A Game for the Arsenal match!

The match tomorrow could get a little... dire. If it does, here is a little side game to play to keep your mind occupied and happy!

Your Christmas Present Is Enclosed

Merry Christmas. I always new Santa was a lad.

One man's struggle to affect the Toon positively

We all do it - we all have routines and superstitions that we take on in order to "help our team". Sometimes, though, it seems like they're falling on emptiness, which brings you to the point of questioning things and trying to cut a deal.

Predict! Win Fabulous Prizes! (Or Look REAL Smart)

Predicting things is fun. Looking smarter than your buddy is fun. This combines both! Do it.

This stream has:

Newcastle United v. Liverpool match central

Newcastle will play their tenth match of the Premier League campaign today with a chance to jump from 10th to 6th in the table. Still yet to play anywhere near their best soccer, this would have to be considered an encouraging sign for Newcastle.

The Special(-ish) One and NUFC

Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew has revealed during an interview with The Chronicle that he has lifted several managerial techniques from Jose Mourinho (who himself learned a great deal from his time with Toon legend Sir Bobby Robson)

Pardew v. Sir Alex: Who's Got The Leg Up?

Sunday will mark the fourth meeting between Alan Pardew and Sir Alex Ferguson since Pardew took the reins for Newcastle United. Sir Alex has a huge leg up on Pardew already, right?

How Much Do You Love Alan Pardew? (Video)

CHN Predictions League Final Table: And the Champion is...

CHN Predictions League: Newcastle United vs. Manchester City

CHN Predictions League: Chelsea vs. Newcastle United

CHN Predictions League: Wigan Athletic vs. Newcastle United

CHN Predictions League: Newcastle United vs. Stoke City

Failure Clown's Gaffe Of The Week Goes Interactive!

Failure Clown was watching a LOT of football this weekend and keeping eyes on a LOT more. 3 Contenders for Gaffe of the Week mean that Failure Clown has gone interactive!

Failure Clown's Gaffe of the Week!

It's midweek, and Failure Clown has been watching the Premier League. He is ready to weigh in with his Gaffe of the Week.

Failure Clown Recognizes The Benign Ponytail For Efforts Above And Beyond

Andy Carroll a.k.a. The Benign Ponytail was playing his first match against his boyhood club in their own stadium. Failure Clown was there; Failure Clown was watching.

Failure Clown's Gaffe Of The Match™ (an osotp joint)

Sometimes bad things happen. This new feature is here to help us identify and celebrate these moments.

CHN Predictions League: West Bromwich Albion vs. Newcastle United

CHN Predictions League: Newcastle United vs. Norwich City

CHN Predictions League: Arsenal vs. Newcastle United