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Newcastle could launch investigation on Sandro Tonali transfer

Shady Milan?

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OFFICIAL: Bruno Guimaraes signs five-year deal with Newcastle

Magpie today, Magpie tomorrow, Magpie forever!

Newcastle players kiss and make up after childish fight over penalty

Converting definitely helps.

He loves us! He really really loves us!

Rafael Benitez is staying with Newcastle United. This move indicates that the changes that need to be made for our club to heal are being made.

Are these our new jerseys?

Leaks are always something to be taken with a grain of salt. Jersey leaks are usually at least close, so...

Gini won't force a move away...

They give you the warm fuzzies and a smidgeon of hope... which is the point.

Moussa Sissoko doesn't want to be here!

I, for one, am heartbroken.

Hold me and assure me that this is true

The words that we've been dying to hear are getting closer to being spoken, it seems. Reports that Rafa Benitez has "verbally agreed" to stay with Newcastle United have surfaced.

The Rafa Decision is crucial to NUFC's future

Rafa has put a two-week time frame on his ultimate decision. These two weeks could be the most crucial in Newcastle United's recent history.

We're getting a look at who wants to stay

With the season truly over, we're starting to get a look at what some of the players are saying about their futures.

Rafa may have hedged on his future a little

Rafa makes it clear that the ball is squarely in Newcastle's court. All eyes are on Ashley and Charnley.

Is Newcastle bad? Or did they just underperform?

Following another disappointing season that resulted in a relegation to the Championship, is Newcastle a bad or under-performing team?

Rafa please stay we love you

Rafael Benitez will not rule out staying at Newcastle United. We have to hope that Newcastle are as serious about changing as Rafa is about staying.

The Football League is watching...

The Football League will be taking a close look at Mike Ashley's relationship with Rangers. We may have some closer focus on exactly where those looks will be cast.

Mike Ashley's Statement? Vapid. Surprise!

In this time of upheaval surrounding the club, Mike Ashley's statement does very little to alleviate fan's concerns.

Rafa Watch! Hold On Tightly!

Nothing really to report, but the people need something.

Bouncing back would Feel So Good, but is it best?

There were evident problems that took Newcastle United down to the Championship. If the lessons are not learned, there isn't much point in springing right back.

Potential Energy and You: A Newcastle United Story

Newcastle United is that huge granite weight from your elementary school worksheets demonstrating potential energy.

Don't make me hope again!

Craig Hope, who has seemed to have the pulse of most things Rafael Benitez, has a new tidbit that is giving the Toon Army hope.

A lament regarding space-time and NUFC

One of the sad realities of supporting Newcastle United is that nothing can be decided in a timely manner. Relegation and Rafa are the most recent examples.

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Hope was a futile exercise

A reader has taken a closer look at any hope Newcastle United might have of staying up this season.

We can't let this happen again.

The events of 24 May 2009 have stuck in our heads for many reasons. The purest form of revenge is not there to be had, but Aston Villa could well take us down. Again.

Jamaal Lascelles, you're my hero

From to the deep fringes of the first team squad to integral part of Newcastle's bid for Premier League survival, Jamaal Lascelles was everything that the club needed from the word go this season.

Rafa's socks are everything

The socks make the man, imo

Newcastle striker reported back in Toon

Newcastle United are a squad lacking goals, but the Twitter machines have suggested that Rafa is addressing that.

The club have given us hope. Support them

Newcastle United have a shiny, desirable, pedigreed manager at last. It's time for us as supporters to break out of our negative support loops and give everything that we have to the club and our new man.


He's the hero we needed and the hero we deserve. He is überBatman. And we must cherish every minute of this feeling.

Sorry, Steve

It could have worked out so much better than it did. It probably couldn't have worked out much worse. Either way, the Steve McClaren era at St. James' Park looks to be nearly over.

Pay this man.

If there is any hope that Newcastle United will not go down, it hinges upon the club moving and moving now for Rafa Benitez.

Newcastle aren't paying £30m for Daniel Sturridge

Daniel Sturridge is an exciting talent. Rumors of Newcastle's interest in him are wide of the mark.

What was good about Newcastle's January window?

We didn't deal with all of the holes in our squad, but we did do a lot of good.

Berahino talks!

Sky's golden topic of Transfer Deadline Day has not moved (just as suspected), but he has spoken on twitter dot com!