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Newcastle United Match Previews

Fulham vs. Newcastle - Preview: How high can you fly?

One win in seven games is plain weak and Fulham won’t help NUFC fix that

Newcastle vs. Bournemouth - Preview: Back to Work

The Magpies will try to break out of their slump while the Cherries will attempt to stay on the right track

Newcastle vs. Crystal Palace - Preview: Healing Eagles

Time to bounce back from a morale-murdering defeat to Liverpool last Wednesday

Liverpool vs. Newcastle Preview: Good Reds or bad Reds?

Whose Reds will Newcastle face? It’s anyone's guess!

Newcastle vs. Manchester City Preview: No-Concessions Clash

Only two teams haven’t conceded a single goal this season. Only one can prevail.

Brighton vs. Newcastle Preview: First test away from home

Brighton defeated Manchester but the Seagulls face a much tougher United this weekend

Newcastle vs. Nott. Forest Preview: Time to bid for the English Premier League

Old-times classic for starters

Burnley vs. Newcastle - Preview: Going up, going down

United cut Arsenal’s hopes short. Will the Magpies bury Burnley now?

Newcastle vs. Arsenal - Preview: Time to (indirectly) mess with the Champions League

Third straight season-changing game on Newcastle’s plate

Man. City vs. Newcastle Preview: Must-win game for a hurt Citizen squad

Win one, screw them up

Newcastle vs. Liverpool Preview: Top-two in-form PL teams face off

A fantastic early kick-off to stretch those weary legs!

Norwich City vs. Newcastle Preview: Can’t stop, won’t stop

It’s time to break The Canary Lock