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Coming Home Podcastle Episode 7: Restore The Former Glory

Our seventh effort at this podcast thing is here. Listen to it.

Stu Forster

My apologies that this is going up a touch late - I have to move next week due to some rather irritating circumstances regarding my lease... one month before we head off across country for Athens, GA. Anyway, it is recorded, all technical issues were non-factors and I've got it uploaded now. This week, we:

  • Acknowledge the "restoring the former glory" of the Gallowgate end as the removal of the Sports Direct logo feces from around the ground starts, courtesy of Wonga.
  • Read a paraphrase of Steve Harper's last address to the Newcastle dressing room
  • Finally get around to answering a twitter question from a couple weeks back about reshaping the squad
  • Discuss transfer targets, including one very interesting if unlikely (and certainly not rumored at this point) potential target.
  • Add in very small dash of Champions League talk
  • Make completely unconnected yet significant cultural references including but not limited to George Orwell.
  • Give a vocal version of the "Until they're photographed holding a shirt" edict of making it through a transfer window in the Twitter era.

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