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San Lorenzo Chief: "I have the intention of meeting with Fabricio"

Early transfer season rumors are kicking in, and first up to the plate is the Coloccini Conundrum.

Stu Forster

On the heels of the statement released by the club ensuring the supporters that Double Manager of the Year Alan Pardew would be staying with the club, it would have been easy to wonder what the Newcastle support would have to talk about. Well, not really... the Alan Pardew complaint wheel is spinning with just as much vigor as it has since the end of the season (and before, honestly)... but there is a new story to lay on the top.

In January, Fabricio Coloccini attempted to orchestrate a move to his hometown club San Lorenzo, reportedly in attempt to save a shattered marriage if you're into needing to know those kind of things. San Lorenzo, for their part, were glad to say that they would welcome Coloccini with open arms, just so long as they didn't have to pay for him. It was a certainty following the close of the January window that the story would return.

Cue today's reports once again linking Newcastle United's captain to the Argentine club. Well... sort of. The exact quote that is bringing this wonderful story back into the public eye is this:

I have the intention of having a meeting with Fabricio and talking about the conditions of his arrival to San Lorenzo," he told La Cicloneta.


While this story may well still hold water (it's unknown what the status of Coloccini's personal life is, for one thing), it is important to note that the story itself admits that no contact has actually been made between San Lorenzo, Newcastle United, Fabriccio Coloccini or Matias Lammens. Welcome to silly season.