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Andy Carroll only wants to play for Newcastle United or Liverpool

Ian Walton

The Andy Carroll saga doesn't seem to want to come to a close for Newcastle United. The current situation is that Carroll will apparently refuse any contract offers from West Ham, with Liverpool or Newcastle being the only clubs he's willing to play for.

From The Liverpool Offside:

With Newcastle fading as a likely destination for Carroll after West Ham's £15M bid for the player proved too pricey for the Magpies to consider matching, it would seem to mean that the seemingly never ending Andy Carroll saga is destined to rumble on for at least a few more months. Carroll, it seems, has made it clear he will only consider playing for Liverpool or Newcastle; Liverpool have told him he won't play for Liverpool and that they'll only sell him for £15M; and Newcastle have said they won't buy him at £15M.

As Liverpool Offside notes, the question has now become which side is going to blink first. The Magpies don't appear willing to shell out that kind of fee to get Carroll back but Liverpool is refusing to take anything less than the £15 million, and then there is Carroll who seems to only want to play for two teams who don't seem all that interested in his services.

Where does Newcastle go from here with the Carroll situation, as interest in him has been expressed? Does Alan Pardew attempt to convince Mike Ashley to go after Carroll at possibly a smaller fee, or do the Toon move on from Carroll altogether?

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