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Newcastle United up Gomis bid, want Remy on loan

Lars Kaletta

Newcastle United have yet to sign a new player during the summer transfer window, as Joe Kinnear has seemed to struggle to bring anyone in. The Toon have upped their offer for Lyon striker Bafetimbi Gomis to £6.9 million after initially bidding £5 million for his services, according to a report for Sky Sports. It's said Lyon want in the range of £8 million, but they have to get Gomis off their books and money coming in.

The Magpies have also apparently shifted their focus from trying to buy Loic Remy to now wanting him on a season-long loan from QPR, according to the same report. The thought is that QPR expects to get promoted right away back to the Premier League and may not want to permanently part with Remy, but will want relief for his wages while they're in the Championship League.

While it's been frustrating to watch literally every other Premier League team bring in players this transfer window, if Newcastle can pull off bringing in Gomis and Remy (the latter on loan) for a year, both would be nice additions to the attack.

The feeling, however, is that a deal for at least Gomis will get done sometime soon.

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