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Non-NUFC Game Threads

Why not watch the Championship Playoff Final?

One of these teams will be staying with us in the Championship... one will be going up. If you're watching, why not come over and chat?

Cote d'Ivoire vs. Ghana Game Thread

Cheik Tioté sits on the bench for the AFCON final.

World Cup Round of 16 Day 2 Open Thread

Mexico takes on the Netherlands, and then Costa Rica and Greece fight for a spot in the quarterfinals.

World Cup Round of 16 Open Thread #1

Brazil. Chile. Uruguay. Colombia. It's CONMEBOL SATURDAY.

Howay the Heed! (Conference Premier Game Thread)

Gateshead play at Wembley for the right to enter the Football League.

Wigan Athletic vs. Swansea City Live Thread

Newcastle's fate (sort of) hangs in the balance.

Sunderland vs. Stoke City Live Thread

Come on, you Potters

Europa League Open Thread

Come discuss the Round of 16.

Three Cup Finals on tap for Toon players

The senior squad will have to pin their hopes on the Europa League if they hope to contest a cup final this season. In the mean time, 4 Toon players will be contesting cup finals over the next 4 weeks.

Ivory Coast v. Senegal Live Thread

If you're out there and all. This one is for the prize of Magpie participation in the ACON

Euro 2012, Day 4

Championship/Champions League Finals Thread

Europe Watch 2012™

90 minutes of PL Action from now, Newcastle United may be qualified for Europe. Let's all watch and talk it out!

Merseyside Derby (and others) Live Thread

Wednesday Premier League Action Live Thread

Fulham vs. Chelsea