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Death & Tactics

Making the case against Jack Colback

Jack Colback has come under fire from many fronts since his switch from Sunderland to Newcastle. The case against him goes deeper than rivalry.

Part 2 of the Show Me More Chronicles: Mitrovic

There were some rumblings during the Norwich match to give the number 9 to Aleksandar Mitrovic. If he continues on as he did on Sunday, the argument against doing so is a hard one to make.

Massadio Haïdara: A Second Look

Massadio Haïdara received bad reviews for his performance against Southampton Sunday. We took a second look to see how the criticism matched up with his performance.

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If Newcastle survive, what's next?

How would Newcastle United attempt to move forward if they survive next weekend as a Premier League side?

Why the winless run? Here's what ails NUFC

How does a team lose eight matches in a row and turn what had been a decent season into a relegation scrap for survival? Here is how it happens.

An Open Letter to John Carver

Ryan has some suggestions to John Carver for how to not be terrible for the rest of the season. Read them here.

How will Advocaat attack Newcastle?

We have a pretty clear idea of what Dick Advocaat will try to do against Newcastle. Which way will he do it?

What formation should Newcastle use going forward?

Newcastle United showed some different looks against Hull City Saturday, and the introduction of Papiss Cissé raises questions about what the formation will look like in the near future.

Discussion: Who will Pardew select at Norwich?

The departure of Yohan Cabaye means Alan Pardew will be forced to shake up the Starting XI a bit. So what could we see?

The Magic Book of Manchester City Tactics

Much like The Fonz's character in The Waterboy, Alan Pardew has a magic book of tactics.

Will Hatem Ben Arfa's return reap extra benefit?

Bringing Hatem Ben Arfa into the fold will make Newcastle a better side by default. Are there extra benefits to be reaped by his return? Here is some positional analysis that indicates that there may just be.

Can we balance Kharkiv leg 2 and Southampton?

We're in need of at least a scoring draw to progress in the Europa League. There is that small matter of the league match v. Southampton to consider as well. Can we get something in Kiev while putting maximum concentration on the Premier League?

Small sample size? Scout anyway!

Building a scouting report on the miniscule sample size of one match is fraught with danger... but I've done it anyway. Here are some of the things that Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk did to defeat Metalist Kharkiv in Metalist's last league setback.

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Re-Assessing The Toon After 12 Matches

One would be living on Soma (the Brave New World kind, not the actual kind that exists now) if they felt that a retrospective on the first 12 games of NUFC's season was going to be puppies and rainbows. The bandaid must be ripped off, however.

Newcastle United vs. Swansea City Match Preview

It's a battle of mediocrity! Wait, don't go away...

Short Corners: Good Strategy or Wasted Chance?

Newcastle scored their second goal Saturday after Hatem Ben Arfa caused some trouble on a short corner. Is the short corner a better percentage play than the traditional corner, or does it represent a wasted chance?

Your Obligatory Hatem Ben Arfa Live Thread

Hatem Ben Arfa: What do you do with him? We'll discuss a potential starting formation here.

Newcastle United 0, Swansea City 0 - Player Ratings

Manchester United 1, Newcastle United 1 - Player Ratings

One last look at Manchester United 1 - 1 Newcastle United before moving on.

Manchester City 3, Newcastle United 1 - Player Ratings

Death & Tactics: Analyzing Newcastle United 4, Arsenal 4

An analysis of Newcastle United's historic comeback against Arsenal that resulted in a 4-4 draw. What went wrong in the first half and how did they turn it around?

Death & Tactics: Analyzing Newcastle United 1, Tottenham Hotspur 1

An analysis of the January 22 game between Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur which ended in a draw. How did it happen and what strategies were employed?