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Thanks for the memories, you're cut

I got a meeting with the Bobs in a couple minutes.

Let's talk about this Michael Owen tweet

The transfer window isn't going well for Newcastle, so let's talk about this Michael Owen gem.

Alan Pardew's most ridiculous public comments

Alan Pardew said this week that he would have stopped the last goal Swansea scored (a penalty in stoppage time) if he had been on the touchline. Where does this quote rank on our list of his most outrageous comments?

Newcastle United Reshuffle Board; Nothing Changes

Newcastle have a new Managing Director, which means there's a new guy in charge of enacting Mike Ashley's policies.

This Article Has Not Been Vetted by Mike Ashley

Another newspaper is banned from access to Newcastle United. Maybe those Vince McMahon rumors make sense after all.

#AskDummett Goes Wrong, But Also Right

The Newcastle United Twitter account asked for they got it.

Joe Kinnear Resigns

This is not a drill.

NUFC Corners: What 785 Days of Futility Looks Like

Newcastle United scored from a corner kick for the first time in over 2 years Saturday. Here's a look at what's changed since 1 October 2011.

A Complete Log of Joe Kinnear's Signings for NUFC

Joe Kinnear was appointed Director of Football at Newcastle United on 16 June and charged with the specific task of bringing in players. It's the only position of its kind in the Premier League at the present time. Below is a log of all of his signin

Newcastle's Transfer Window So Far

It might look like Newcastle haven't done anything this summer, but don't forget the gates!